Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Parker, Colorado

This was one of the few mornings the girls were up and ready to travel. We were off the visit our friends the Imbriano's and their girls Lauren (Keegan's age) and Emily (born the same day as Violet). We left South Dakota early and drove into Wyoming and south on Interstate 25. We made great time arriving in Parker (a suburb south of Denver) and the girls bounded out of the car only to been seen later that night for fireworks. While the kids played Kim and I were able to spend time with Mike and Christine and catch up. Mike is one of my closest friends; we known each other since our days at Mater Dei. Mike and his wife used to live by us when they relocated from Northern Cali to Southern Cali and the moved back to the OC for a while before a job transfer took him and his family out to Colorado. We spent most of day catching up on family and friends and we waited out a severe thunderstorm hoping it would clear so we could fire off fireworks. Fireworks are legal in Colorado and we brought a whole mess of firework from South Dakota that reminded Kim and I of our youth. Fireworks are no longer legal in Southern California but to see the excitement in my eyes as I lit ground flowers, snakes, smoke bombs, fountains and other assorted fireworks it was a blast. My girls loved the firework display and even got into the act as we passed out sparklers and watched them wave them around in the dark. This was definitely one of the hi-lights for the girls.
The next day we spent hanging out at a local water park and my girls thought it was the best place in the world. Who would have thought riding on a blue water slide was going to bring so much entertainment?
Not much else to speak of except it was great to see Mike and Christine and their kids. His son Brendan was an absolute riot and we now know that he lives for apple pie. Mike, thanks again for letting my kids, play in your basement and keep your daughters entertained.
My offer to help you work on your unfinished basement is still open. Let me know when you need me.

We are off to Santa Fe to re-visit my cousins Rudy and Alicia. We only have a few more days left on this family adventure. I can't believe this is almost over.

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  1. See how wonderful it is to get out of California and still have some individual rights.